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Smart Movie Family Nutrition

For many people eating and drinking on a visit to their local movie theater is as much a part of the
experience as the movie itself. Unfortunately, all of that mindless snacking at the Cineplex can mean
a huge increase in your daily intake of calories, saturated fat, and sodium.

A big part of the problem is that consumers become so engaged in what they're
seeing on the big screen that they don't pay attention to how much they are
eating. So before you know it, you've worked your way to the bottom of a large
bucket of popcorn containing as much as 1,200 calories, 980 milligrams of sodium
and 60 grams of saturated fat - and that's without butter!

Smart Calorie Count
At a time when we're all trying to tighten our belts, you might want to loosen yours a little after a visit
to your local Cineplex. Listed below are estimates of the calorie content of some of your favorite movie
theater treats. Estimates vary according to different cinemas' portion sizes.

  • Large Popcorn (with butter) 1500 Calories Reese's Pieces (8 oz.) 1200 Calories
    Large Popcorn (no butter) 1200 Calories Skittles (6.75 oz.) 765 Calories
    Nachos (with cheese) 1100 Calories M&M's (5.3 oz.) 735 Calories
    Individual Sized Pizzas 640 Calories Twizzlers (6 oz.) 600 Calories
    Pretzel 483 Calories Goobers (3.5 oz.) 525 Calories
    Large Soda 353 Calories Gummi Bears (4 oz.) 390 Calories
    Hot Dog 305 Calories Raisinets (3.5 oz.) 380 Calories
    Icee 300 Calories Sno Caps (3.5 oz.) 360 Calories
        Milk Duds (3 oz.) 340 Calories
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